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Top 7 Best Free Music Player Apps for Android 2012 – Android Radio Apps

You read a lot of these types of articles online, and they always give you the most recent music apps that are gone within six months.  So, on this article I am going to do you a favor and give you the best possible android music apps that you can use right now in the year 2012.  They were not created this year but all the best apps that you can find online.

Top 7 Best Free Music Player Apps for Android 2012

Uberhype for Hype Machine 

This is an app that pulls music from blogs and websites and then streams them to your android. Many of the songs are mixes and “mash ups” of original songs. Nevertheless, they seem to have a weird sort of variety with this app. They also have a social media side to the app too, which I did not explore, but it is there nonetheless.
Current Version – 1.0.7
Requirement – Android 1.6 +
Avg. Rating – 4.4/5

Stitcher Radio – News & Talk

This is more of a talk radio and pod cast app, nevertheless if you are more into word than music then this is the app for you. You can also get hold of the news too.
Current Version – 2.13.1
Requirement – Android 2.0 +
Avg. Rating – 4.1/5


This is a popular music-streaming app because it removes the need to download music (be it legally or illegally). You simply pay a premium every month and you can listen to whatever music you like. They have a catalogue of over fifteen million songs (old and new) so you are going to find the songs you were looking for. If you buy the premium subscription you are able to listen to the music offline too (don’t ask me how they do it).
Download Spotify Free Android App – Google Play link
Current Version –
Requirement – Android 2.1 +
Avg. Rating – 4.0/5

Slacker Radio 

This Internet radio-streaming app is well loved by the critics because it has a very good audio quality. They see this as a more important factor over all, since they are well aware that the app Pandora internet radio is more reliable. Slacker Radio has a highly customizable interface; it is well designed and gives you loads of options to play with.
Current Version – Varies with device
Requirement – Varies with device
Avg. Rating – 3.9/5

Pandora internet radio 

This app has been well received by the Android owning community because it is very good at streaming music via a 3G signal. A 3G signal is not bad in America, Britain and one or two other European countries, but many people still remember the trouble we all had with it when it was in its infancy. 
Even now there are some apps that will not stream a constant and perfect signal. Thankfully the Pandora Internet Radio is not one of them. Pandora is the most reliable internet-streaming app – even if Spotify and Slacker Radio are starting to creep in on their market share.
Current Version – Varies with device
Requirement – Varies with device
Avg. Rating – 4.5/5

DeaDBeef Player 

This is a great little app that will read just about any type of music file, so it will not matter where your music file came from, and it won’t matter how your music file go onto your tablet. There is even a free plug-in which extends its use further, allowing you to listen to ALAC files and WP4 files too. You also get the other expected functions too such as being able to listen to music off of the Internet, etc.
Current Version – 1.17d
Requirement – 1.6
Avg. Rating – 4.1/5

Audiogalaxy Music

Though unfinished it may be, it is still a smashing little music app. It is still in its beta version, so you are going to find a few bugs in it, but otherwise it is pretty fantastic. You can stream the music from your home computer onto your Android. It has the expected repeat, shuffle, delete and play list functions that you would normally expect. The only thing you would not expect is the price. It’s free.
Current Version – Varies with device
Requirement – Varies with device
Avg. Rating – 4.7/5

Before you go out and start spending your hard-earned cash on apps to play music why don’t you try all of the free ones first.  If you do it methodically then you will be able to try each one in turn, and figure out which one is the best.  After you have tried all the free ones you will be in a better position to pick a paid one. In fact if you try all of the free ones there is a chance that you will not even bother picking a paid one. You will probably find the right app for you.
As my final bit of advice–remember that just because you have tried and paid for one app, it does not mean you have to stick to it for life. Try other music apps. You may find that a reliable android app is more important to you than one with the highest quality sound. You may find that they prefer variety over reliability. 

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