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Top 6 Android OS Apps Free Download

Android: Getting the most out of its applications!

The HTC Thunderbolt is the latest amazing Android OS device to appear on a major service provider. If you are new to Android OS, we have a selection of the essential programs for Android OS mobile mobiles, like the HTC Thunderbolt, that will get you started and help you get the most out of your smartphone Android OS.

  • Astro file manager – This is an app that should have delivered with Android OS. The Astro app is like Person in OS X or Traveler in Windows. After you set up it, you can search through your nearby saved information on the cell phone’s memory and on the SD card. It is perfect for going around music or application information. This app sets up great with Dropbox, when it comes to going information to the phone without the need to sleep to your computer. Download 

    ASTRO_File_Manager_3.0.247.apk | 2.4 MB

  • Dropbox – It is another excellent support and instrument for Android OS. Apply for the support online and you will get 2GB of free storage. Anything you include to the Dropbox support from your pc will be available on your Thunderbolt as soon as it is transferred. This is excellent for moving information to the Thunderbolt, especially android OS programs, known as .apk information, that allow you to try out programs that are not on the android OS industry. As opposed to the iPhone, you never need to jailbreak or actual your phone to set up non-market programs. Download Dropbox.apk Version 1.2.4 I 3.0 MB
  • Amazon application store – Speaking of non market applications, check out the Amazon android OS operating system app store, which is currently running a selection of no price app deals to provide great tools. Even without the no price applications, it’s nice to have a choice and some rivalry in the Android OS operating system app space. Recently Amazon offered Furious Wildlife Rio, and today you can score Wolfram Leader for no price. Download Amazon_Appstore-release.apk I 1.28 MB
  • Kindle – Amazon still has the best digital guide readers on search engines android. The e-reader search engines android app gives you use of the complete e-reader selection of books at enormous discounts and allows you to keep your guides in connect across your Mac, iPad, PC and really much any other cell phone system. Search engines books is an OK adversary, but the Kindle app is different above the relax. Download com.amazon.kindle.apk I 1.71 MB
  • Evernote – Another useful gizmo is Evernote. This search engines android app will connect up with the Evernote website and programs on your other products. You can deliver sites to Evernote while on the go, and look them up later when you have more time. You can also use the photographic camera to take shots of revenue or important documents to computer file in Evernote for safekeeping. Download Evernote.3.2.2.Android.apk I 5.0 MB.
  • Google voice – Google voice is a support which combines extremely well with search engines android and gives you a lot of management in how you use your cellphone and where calling go. The search engines voice support is free and comes with a new number that you can send to several areas. You can deliver texts through the search engines voice app without any excess costs and much more. Download / Install Google Voice Google+Voice+1.0.1.ipa I 3.14 MB or 

    Google Voice-v1.1.0.636-BiGMAN32-[ICPDA].ipa I 1.94 MB.

To wrap up I would like to say these are the best applications of Android which you can get for free.

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