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Top 5 Best Free Android Apps For Car Owners of 2013

With over 700,000 apps available for Android smartphones, how do you choose which is the best? Car apps make up a small portion of the marketplace, but there is strong competition. It really comes down to what you want you want the app to do. Here’s a look at the best apps for buying, repairing, driving, and filling up your car. We have listed you best 5 car apps of year 2012 and 2013, one of each category i.e. buying a new car, buying a used car, repairs, traffic, gas prices.

Top Best 5 Free Android Apps For Car Owners

“Edmunds Car” – Reviews and Pricing – Free

 Buying a New Car: The Edmunds app lets you research vehicles before you walk into the showroom.  You can check out reviews, specifications, photos and even find out which dealership has the exact model you’re looking for.  The app edges out the competition by providing a Cost of Ownership analysis for each vehicle.  You’ll know exactly how much you should pay for your new ride and how much it will cost to operate and maintain it.
Version – 2.6
Android Requirement – 2.2+
Avg. Rating – 2.9/5
Pricing – Free
Download Edmunds Car App

“MyCarCheck” – Reviews and Pricing – Free

Buying a Used Car: Buying a used car is tricky. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, that great deal might be a lemon. CarChecker is a must have check list of warning signs and gives the car an overall score so you’ll know if it’s worth the investment. Free app doesn’t mean you should skip heading to the shop before you buy, but if the car’s a clunker you’ll save the $150 it’d take to hear the same news from a mechanic.
Version – 1.1.2
Android Requirement – 2.2+
Avg. Rating – 3.3/5
Pricing – Free
Download MyCarCheck App

“RepairPal” – Reviews and Pricing – Free

Repairs: Whether it’s a fender bender or a roadside breakdown, RepairPal takes the guess work out of auto repair.  The app estimates how much repairs will cost and finds a nearby, recommended shop. The RepairPal app also offers pay-per-use roadside assistance.
Version – 2.1.2
Android Requirement – 2.2+
Avg. Rating – 3.8/5
Pricing – Free
Download RepairPal App

“INRIX Traffic” – Reviews and Pricing – Free

Traffic: Few things are as frustrating as setting your GPS and finding yourself wedged deep into a traffic jam. INRIX Traffic lets you know about any accidents or construction that may impede traffic flow, allowing you to choose the best route.  The app analyzes patterns and offers predict traffic timeline, letting you choose the optimal times to make trips.
Version – 4.3
Android Requirement – 2.1+
Avg. Rating – 3.6/5
Pricing – Free
Download INRIX Traffic App

“GasBuddy” – Reviews and Pricing – Free

Gas Prices: With gas prices flirting around $4.00 per gallon, every penny saved counts. GasBuddy brings up a map of your location with the nearest fuel stations and their prices. Users contribute to the app’s function by updating prices. The app has more than ten million downloads and a 4.6 star rating.
Version – Varies
Android Requirement – Varies+
Avg. Rating – 4.6/5
Pricing – Free
Download GasBuddy App

Smartphones can do a lot of things. Using your Android to stay on of your automotive needs? That’s just smart. The above 5 cars app will definitely let you help a lot.

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