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Upcoming Tech Gadgets of 2013 – 4 Tech Advances of 2013

2013 takes us one step closer to a new wave of technology mankind barely knew existed. Popular tech products such as android smartphones, tablets, laptops, gadgets etc. will receive new and exciting features this year. Here are some of major upcoming advances of year 2013.

4 Tech Advances of 2013 – Launching at CES 2013

Haswell fourth-generation core processors

Haswell is the code name given to the fourth-generation Intel processors. Ultrabooks containing the Haswell process will showcase double graphics performance compared to Ultrabooks using the Ivy Bridge processor. The processor can match Ivy Bridge while consuming only half the power. Haswell will be compatible with sleek tablets, Ultrabooks and eventually with desktops. Launched at CES 2013.

The biggest advancement comes in the form of reduced power consumption. Only 10 watts will be consumed which will prolong the battery life. System manufacturers will be able to take advantage of efficient power, slim design and faster graphic performance.

Advanced Holographic 3D technology

Holographic 3D technology will enable people to see even behind objects. It’ll provide a geometrically accurate view through reconstruction of light beams while placing the screen in angles that can go up to 180 degrees.

73 million pixels make the 3D image, while multiple DVI inputs (dual) will be required to handle the bandwidth required for construction of the images. The 3D objects will be there as the viewer walks around, giving an unprecedented level of reality.

Helium-filled hard disk drives 

Helium-filled hard disk drives will arrive for computers in 2013.  Helium, a rare earth, is the major component of these drives. More information on rare earths is available on the Lynas Corporation Blog. Helium hard drives are going to increase the disk capacity and will cost less to cloud and enterprise consumers.

The new technology allows for a form factor of 3.5 inches that will expand the capacity, estimated to go up to 6 TB and beyond. The lower density will also reduce the drag force on spinning part, which will reduce the mechanical power. Disks will also be placed closer and the data tacks will come close to each other. Almost 45% increase in energy efficiency is expected, leading to further savings.

Vehicle voice-recognition technology

The new Chevrolet Spark and RS models from General Motors may get the first ever voice-integration in the form of Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. The integration will be based on Bluetooth, allowing the system of the vehicle to sync with an iOS device.

Users would be able to make calls (hands free) and listen to songs on their iTunes Library. Looks like the days when vehicles speak mutually intelligible language are getting nearer.
These are some of the interesting technologies to look out for in 2013. Learning the right use of such technological advancements will make our lives easier.

Hope the year 2013 is good for technological advancements, we are expecting to see more and more number of tech gadgets at CES 2013.

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