Published On: Sun, Sep 18th, 2011

Tips to Update / Root Acer Iconica A 500 on Honeycomb 3.1

The advent of an inconstant platform of technology has added one more attribute to the avid and passionate user’s mind, and the attribute is greed foe a better present than yesterday. In the quest of evolving, several users end up installing software without having exercised patience for reviews to set in. A similar thing occurred when the Acer lovers updated their tablets to the latest honeycomb, which has been dubbed as the 1.141.07. The latest update seems to make the device devoid of its root access, the procedure to get back which is our current topic.

So the answer to the question on “How to Root Acer Iconica A 500- Tutorial shall be lucidly discussed as follows:-
Caution before rooting Acer Iconica A500 :-  

  • Attempt the procedure only after understanding the nature and consequences of the process.
  • This might void the warranty apart from an improper procedure leading to bricking of the device.
  • Please read the instructions before attempting to proceed with the process.
Principle behind the procedure before rooting Acer Iconica A500 :-


  • The tool used is the Gingerbread which basically transforms the system file entries of an Android device and breaks in to get the root access.
  •  This basically works on Froyo.
  •  Gingerbread and Froyo also works on the Honeycombplatform.
  •  Basically this APK file of the Gingerbread settles the right files in the right place so as to gain the root access which runs the exploit to gain the root access
Pre Rooting Instructions before rooting Acer Iconica A500 :-
  • Create a backup, as an unlikely event might lead to all the information being deleted.
  • Maintain a minimum of 50% battery back up.
  • Note the APN settings as you might lose them to the rooting process.
  • Irrespective of the version or country, the procedure has been proven to be relevant
Procedure to Root Acer Iconica Tab A500:
  • Enable USB debugging in the phone and save all data in a SD card
  • Download the Gingerbreak package ( For Password – Leave Comments)
  • Unzip the same to get Gingerbread v1.2 APK and transfer to the Acer Iconica 500 phone.
  • After installing the Gingerbread application, open the same and choose the option of “Root Device” option.
  • After selecting the option, you will have to wait for some time till the rooting process is completed.
  • The process might take 10 minutes.
  • After the rooting process is done with, download applications like Busy Box apart from the super user app.

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