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Xperia J ST26i Giveaway – Win Xperia J Free – AndroidGyan New Year 2013 Celebration

It has been a great year with AndroidGyan both in terms of building a place among android blogs as well as in earnings. From September-December’12, visitors rate on our blog though got slightly reduced, all due to Google’s search indexing algorithms updates but at the same time AndroidGyan got some very serious big advertising offers, fetching a huge sum of amount in the blog’s pocket.

We have some great plans for year 2013, the blog will be shifted from BlogSpot to self-hosted WordPress and many writers will be hired to write informative content.
To grow our readership and fan following, we have brought an exciting giveaway for all android lovers in this starting days of year 2013.

Xperia J ST26i Giveaway – AndroidGyan New Year 2013 Celebration – Giveaway #1

Hello, yes you read correctly we are giving away a brand new Sony Xperia J ST26i as New year Celebrations 2013. AndroidGyan.Com is hosting its very first giveaway and that too with a huge gift for the lucky winner. Read below how you can get a chance to win Sony Xperia J ST26i in our giveaway program.

Contest Rules

  • Contest is open world-wide. For INDIAN users, the phone will be couriered to their home address anywhere in INDIA and for FOREIGN countries users, Winning person (if) has to pay the shipment charges (including import duties).
  • Contest starts from 3RD Jan 2013 at 12 PM. and will run till 14th Feb 2013 12 P.M.  So you have more than a month to capture as many points you can to maximize your chances for winning  Sony Xperia J ST26i.
  • To take part in the giveaway you need to enter from below given “Sony Xperia J ST26i Giveaway App” either via your Facebook id or via mentioning your Name and email id. Kindly mention your real name and email id, you will be contacted on the same if chosen as a winner.
  • You can also take part in “Sony Xperia J ST26i Giveaway” by visiting AndroidGyan Facebook page and visiting “Sony Xperia J ST26i Giveaway Facebook Reward Application“.
  • MANDATORY STEP – Every individual who is taking part in this giveaway must leave comment mentioning that he/she has completed all the steps to enter in this giveaway. (Prefer dropping Comments via Facebook Comment box)
  • Winner of  Sony Xperia J ST26i Giveaway will be chosen on 14th Feb’2013 via a random lucky draw.


  • AndroidGyan.Com and it’s concerned admins hold every possible right to cancel this  Sony Xperia J ST26i Giveaway at any time without any prior notice/post to the readers/visitors.
  • AndroidGyan Team members have the right to cancel the entry of any participant without mentioning the reason to him/her neither the reason nor the name of persons who participated will be disclosed at any cost. Admin has the right to give as many point to any user via the system but those who have completed all steps will be taken for giveaway by a random method.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly via lucky draw and we may or may not show the process of choosing winner. Decision of AndroidGyan.Com will be final in choosing the winner…

Take part in Sony Xperia J ST26i Giveaway

Enter below to take part in Sony Xperia J ST26i Giveaway. Fill out all the entries to maximize the number of points daily which maximize your chances to win 🙂 So visit daily AndroidGyan.Com and get one step closer to win Sony Xperia J ST26i.

  • Pre-2 entries showing in giveaway were for checking the whole procedure, they won’t be taken for giveaway

Updates to Giveaway

  • UPDATE : Admin’s Points/entries will not be taken for giveaway.
  • UPDATE : Added 3 more tasks for the entry. (4/01/12)
  • UPDATE : 49 users registered so far and only 23 comments. Those who haven’t commented, kindly comment it is mandatory. (4/01/12)
  • UPDATE : Xperia J (Black) will be given instead of Gold edition. (2/02/2013)
  • UPDATE : 249 users registered so far, 114 Email joins and 77 comments yet. Please to all who haven’t commented describing they have done all steps, may (or may not be) eliminated from the giveaway. (2/02/2013)
  • UPDATE : Awarded “Raja Ekka” 500 points for being the 1000th FB page liker.
  • UPDATE : 302 users so far in giveaway, 5055 entries so far. (7/02/2013).
  • UPDATE : 5 more tasks added Today on 7/02/2013, ( not included in the giveaway completion tasks) but will definitely fetch you an entry and your chances of winning the giveaway increases by increasing your entry count 🙂
  • UPDATE : Xperia J Giveaway ends on 14th Feb 2013 12 P.M.  Participate if you haven’t yet…One day left only.

Win Xperia J Free

You can also take part via our Facebook app


Keep your fingers crossed, and support us so that we can bring some more giveaways for android lovers. Do share this giveaway with your friends 🙂

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  1. dhruv saini says:

    I have completed all the steps to enter in this giveaway.

  2. Anurag Kumar says:

    @Dhruv Saini

    Yes you can take part with as many ids, but to win you need to have more number of points, which you can collect by visiting the site daily and doing the required tasks.

  3. Sai Kumar says:

    Hi, Yes I have visited. Done all the Steps and entered. Thanks a lot for the Great Giveaway!

  4. Anurag Kumar says:

    @Sai Kumar

    thanks for taking part, maximize your point by visiting site daily.

  5. i have completed every step

  6. suyanto says:

    Yes, I have visited.thanks

  7. This is my first visit to this website (androidgyan.com) and I have completed all steps required for entering this giveaway.

  8. aswin says:

    Incredible Give Away 🙂
    Wonder how such a site has a low Alexa ranking.

  9. Yes I have visited. I have completed all of the steps -MY NAME IS Asia email asiaclayborne@yahoo.com

  10. Hope I am able to win this giveaway. I have completed all the steps.

  11. Gaurav Ekka says:

    Yes, I have visited” but i never noticed the blog was built on blogger actually if i haven’t made this comment i would have never know bcoz it says comments as google account

  12. Rounak Baral says:

    Entered into the giveaway and done all the steps. Hope I will win . 🙂 And thanks for organising such a nice giveaway. . 🙂

  13. Alison says:

    Ive entered all the steps and answer is no

  14. Fred Nord says:

    No, I am first time visitor. and i have completed all the steps

  15. sunil thakur says:

    Hi bro i just completed all steps and hope to winning this xperia phone

  16. Chloe Blane says:

    No, I haven’t visited this site before. And YES, I have completed all the speps for this giveaway.

  17. weeziestoy says:

    I have completed all the steps to enter the contest…

  18. weeziestoy says:

    No, I am a first time visitor….

  19. No, I am a first time visitor. I also completed all the steps. Would be awesome to win!!

  20. Yes I have visited and completed all the steps so please count me in.
    Thank you.

  21. R@hUl says:

    No, I am first time visitor and all steps are completed. Hope to win this giveaway.Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. DHARAK PATEL says:

    Entered in the Giveaway, Thank you for such a nice contest.

  23. Entering into the final days for the Contest… Keeping Fingers crossed for the result…

  24. Geo Jolly says:

    I have completed all steps for this Giveaway

  25. VladMed says:

    Let me in! I need this device!

  26. Kathy says:

    i had never visited before but have now and I have now completed all the steps.

  27. Neil T says:

    No, I am first time visitor

  28. No, I am first time visitor and have completed all the steps. crossing fingers!

  29. amweeks says:

    No, I am first time visitor, but I’ve really enjoyed being introduced to your site and entering your giveaway!

  30. Tammi Laney says:

    Yes i have visited.Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. i have completed all steps and cross finger

  32. i have completed al steps

  33. Janet Twokay says:

    No, I don’t believe I’d visited it before today.

  34. Adil Farooq says:

    Hope to be a luck one. fingers crossed. Thanks

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