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Xperia Z Vs HTC Butterfly Comparison – Features Specifications Price Difference

Xperia Z C6603, a fascinating phone found at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 from Sony, A Top Class Brand which produces consequent Incredible Phones in the Xperia Series. The phone was announced in January 2013 and it is expected to release within March, 2013.

On the other hand, The HTC butterfly, just a bit costlier than Xperia Z, but more or less has the same features. The phone is trending at the market right now, because of its 1080p HD Display Screen.
Confused of the Features? Have a Detailed Comparison between Xperia Z and HTC Butterfly below…

Xperia Z Vs HTC Butterfly Comparison 

Design and Display of the Phone

  • Xperia Z has a 5 inch water-resistant display with Mobile Bravia Engine 2, which gives a Vivid Display. The water resistant feature will be useful for mountain climbers and trekkers don’t think it is a worth less feature. You can enjoy sending mails, playing Games, and listening to Music under the shower, Just kidding. Xperia Z comes with full 1080P HD screen with the highest 443PPI among any android phone present in the market. Before that Sony gave 342PPI in Xperia SL LT26ii which was highest among any android phone and was greater than even Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. Xperia Z screen comes with Mobile Bravia Engine 2 to give you an enhanced view of photos and videos. Earlier Mobile Bravia Engine 1 was spotted in Xperia SL.
  • The HTC Butterfly is known for its Rapid Speed Performance, and the colorful 5” HD Screen. Watching Movies in the HD screen is awesome-ic. HTC Users would be wanting this phone because the HTC Sense Version is updated. HTC Butterfly is the first full 1080P HD screen android phone launched in India.

Many say that the Xperia Z Display doesn’t have an Anti Glare Feature, so users cannot see the screen in different angles.
Both the phones are scratch resistant, while HTC butterfly screen is stronger than Xperia Z with the New Corning Gorilla Glass 2 Feature. Seeing all the features, Xperia Z display surely beats HTC Buuterfly’s display.

Operating System

At present, Both phones Xperia Z and HTC Butterfly run on Android 4.1.2 JellyBean firmware, which is the Latest version attainable. It is expected that both the phones will get Android 4.2 Update very soon, Right now; Google is implementing the 4.2 Update for the LG Nexus 4 Smartphone.


Xperia Z beats HTC Butterfly in Benchmark test by AnTuTu, Xperia Z Test results are on R.H.S.

Both phones, Xperia Z as well as HTC Buuterlfy are powered by Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz Quad core Processor with a 2GB RAM inside, which would enable the user for an Easy and High End Gaming without facing any lag.

Physical Memory

HTC Butterfly and Xperia Z, both phones are of 16GB internal Memory and can be expanded upto 64GB by inserting a Memory Card.
The HTC butterfly is a better choice when compared with HTC One X+, because HTC One X+ has an Internal memory of 64GB but has no Memory Card slot, which is a greater disadvantage, because for file transferring, you have to connect your phone to your PC all time.


Sony always gives preference to photography than other companies, that’s why Sony’s Cyber-shot Cameras are always on Top. The same issue is here.

  • In the point of Camera, HTC butterfly is far less than Xperia Z. Xperia Z has a 13.1 MP Camera (Equivalent to a Digital Camera), while HTC butterfly has just 8MP Camera. Xperia Z has a 2.2 MP Secondary Camera, while Butterfly has 2.1 MP, that’s a small difference. Xperia Z has a new feature “Superior Auto” which gives 36 Scene Modes for shooting photos. If you have a Great Interest in Photography, I would recommend you to choose Xperia Z.


Both phones have a Non Removable Battery, Xperia Z sports a 2230 mAH Battery while HTC sports a 2020 mAH Battery. Both phones would last minimum for a couple of days.

Xperia Z now comes with an Extra Ordinary New feature called “STAMINA Mode” which turns off the Data Usage, when the phone is switched off. This feature is a very big BOON for extensive Internet Users, so that their Battery, Data Usage, Talk-time Balance would be track-ed and be saved.


The price of Xperia Z in India is expected to be Rs. 45,000 to Rs 50,000 as earlier we spotted an imported Xperia Z available for Pre-order and Pre-sale on Ebay at Rs 65,900. From that price Xperia Z was speculated above approximately. On Sony official page Xperia Z and Xperia ZL are being spotted under “Coming Soon” tag to India.

The price of HTC Butterfly in India is about Rs. 38,000 (700$ approx.)

Final Verdict

I would prefer you Xperia Z, because a little bit cheaper and has a Great Camera, Water resistant, STAMINA Mode, and Superior Auto. These mentioned features are newly arrived, while HTC Butterfly has a Sense update, which would be slightly new.

There is nothing to worry about the Apps and Entertainment, as there is Play Store for us, which has a Hell Collection of Apps for all type of Needs.

Xperia Z is on the lead on various comparisons, many people are waiting for this phone to be released. How about you? There is a Similar and somewhat equivalent and a cheap phone from Samsung, it is the Samsung Galaxy Grand; this phone has a great buzz in the gadget world. Don’t forget to check it out too.

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